Your specialist for audio production.

Composition, editing, music notation, mixing, editing, recording (field/studio), production and consulting.

Our experience spans the fields of advertising, radio drama, dance and film. And what we don't do ourselves, our specialists do off-site.


Whether short film, feature film, trailer or series - all media can be enhanced with acoustic content. The scope and type are decided together during the creative process.

The aim is to expand the visual medium acoustically.


We are open to new gaming projects.

Please contact us for your ideas. Newcomers and indies are welcome


Music for a horse freestyle or dance choreography, theatre music, multi-media art installations or editing existing music into a mix.

We make it happen.


Logo music, background music for your website? No problem at all. Whether it's 2 seconds or a 30-second loop - we support you in your vision.n.

Do you need expertise for your website? We will be happy to recommend you to our partners.

Audiobooks / Radioplays

Podcasts, radio play production including sound design, music, speaker booking and recording.

Mixing, editing … and everything that is necessary for a finished product.

Works and Services

We have both classically trained composers and specialists in the field of electronic music. We help with mixing, notation, editing, recording and have already given introductions to film music in schools.

We produce in various formats and channels (f.e. 2.0, 5.0, 5.1, Dolby Atmos, Binaural)